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Last time we saw the amazing wizard Harry Dresden he was in a bit of a tight spot, being murdered and all. He never ceases to amaze, even after death Harry will stop at nothing to help his friends and his newly found daughter Maggie.

We have known Harry to be in a few tight spots, but not quite as tight as this one.  Even on the other side he seems to have enemies waiting to settle a score. Strange creatures lurk around every corner. The city has changed since his death and annihilation of the red court. A new fight to fill the empty space of the red court as has taken over the streets of Chicago.  Set with new challenges Harry makes a couple of friends and overcomes the obstacles the dead have to face.  I didn’t find this book as exciting. It was a bit of an anti climax to last book. I still can’t help loving Harry and enjoyed Ghosts story just as much.





The Name of the Wind is a gripping tale of a young boy who is orphaned and forced to live in a crime ridden city, his escape from this bitter place and the pursuit of his life-long dream to join the University of Magic.  The reader is taken through a new world of friends, enemies and interesting magics. It is told in the voice of Kvothe, a humble tavern owner, recalling his exciting life, his hardships and triumphs as he builds his way to glory.


I have only read these two books in the series, but it captured my imagination and I loved every second of reading it!

Peter was the one who originally introduced me to reading novels and since then I have fallen in love with fantasy.  I usually tend to follow what he reads seeing as his pace is a lot faster than mine and he suggests most, or actually all of my reading material.  A month or two ago Peter gave me Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy to read and I have been glued to it.

Mistborn:  The Final Empire

Mistborn: The well of Ascension

Mistborn: The Hero of Ages

The 1st book sets the scene in a world where the evil overlord has won and is ruling his empire with an iron fist.  The skaa (slaves) are the Lord Ruler’s property but the noble populace who rent them are allowed to do with the skaa as they please. Everyone has been use to this way of life for a thousand years, until a hero rises up that plans to overthrow the empire. This sets of a chain of events that not only leaves our hero and his friends to fight evil, but to save their entire world from destruction. Throughout the series the reader is introduced to new characters, creatures and ideas like Allomancy, a magic where characters use metals to gain special powers. The Mistborn Trilogy is a thrilling ride through the lives of the hero and his crew and is filled with action, politics and suspense.