Saturday morning I awoke to the delectable smell of a fresh cup of coffee and sweet kisses from my darling husband Peter. After slurping up the coffee and getting my lazy body out of bed, I had to get ready to go out for breakfast. The best part about this breakfast was that I had won it from Daddy’s deals, and thus it was free! We took a slow drive from Sandton to Johannesburg city and then from there a short but interesting journey to Bedfordview’s Caffe Zucchero.

The rest of my afternoon was spent sleeping and shopping and then being lazy. At 18:00 my family arrived and we all headed off to the Full Stop Café in Parktown to meet up with some more friends. Our table was outside in a lovely courtyard flooded by candle light, with fairy lights dazzling up the trees and a warm cosy fire burning in a fire pit. The atmosphere was amazing, the service good and food delicious.  3 hours of conversation, laughing, talking, and 600 grams of lamb shank later I was ready to head off to Billy the B.U.M.S to dance and be merry with my friends till wee hours of the morning.

That is exactly what we did!