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My Birthday

Saturday morning I awoke to the delectable smell of a fresh cup of coffee and sweet kisses from my darling husband Peter. After slurping up the coffee and getting my lazy body out of bed, I had to get ready to go out for breakfast. The best part about this breakfast was that I had won it from Daddy’s deals, and thus it was free! We took a slow drive from Sandton to Johannesburg city and then from there a short but interesting journey to Bedfordview’s Caffe Zucchero.

The rest of my afternoon was spent sleeping and shopping and then being lazy. At 18:00 my family arrived and we all headed off to the Full Stop Café in Parktown to meet up with some more friends. Our table was outside in a lovely courtyard flooded by candle light, with fairy lights dazzling up the trees and a warm cosy fire burning in a fire pit. The atmosphere was amazing, the service good and food delicious.  3 hours of conversation, laughing, talking, and 600 grams of lamb shank later I was ready to head off to Billy the B.U.M.S to dance and be merry with my friends till wee hours of the morning.

That is exactly what we did!


It is always nice to get a new gadget or electronic toy to play with, but how do we dispose of it when it is outdated or broken?

What is classified as E-waste?

All end of life, old or discarded appliances that use electricity can be classified as E-waste. These include;

  • Large household appliances
  • Small household appliances
  • Office equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Electronic and Electric Tools
  • Consumer and Entertainment Electronics
  • Light bulbs and Batteries

Why not just throw it away with normal household refuse?

  • E-Waste contains recyclable materials like metals, glass, and plastics.
  • E-Waste contains hazardous materials like mercury that need special handling and recycling methods.

How can I dispose of E-Waste?

  • E-Waste can be refurbished for reuse by someone else.
  • E-Waste can be dismantled and the components can be individually recycled into new products.

Where can I dispose of E-Waste in South Africa?

You can find bins at E-Waste Initiative Partners.

These partners are:

Have lookout for E-Waste bins at Makro stores nationwide.

Also visit for more info on collection points.

For information on recycling go to

To recycle lamps and batteries go to for collections sites.

For any other recycling information visit .

I hope you found this how to informative and that it will make it easier to dispose of those old electronics and without harming the environment.

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