A small nameless little boy is dragged to a fort door and handed over to the royal guard by his peasant grandfather, who no longer wishes to care for the bastard son of the King- in-waiting.  The life of little Fitz, so named by the stable master, drastically changes as the stable master( once hand to the king-in-waiting) is handed the duty of raising little Fits as best he can.  Fitz a quiet shy boy, then unknowingly grabs the attention of King Shrewd, his grandfather, who makes a deal with him to serve the royal family in return for an education.  He is moved from his humble lifestyle as the stable master’s servant and moved to the royal keep where he is trained in all skills, including all the unspoken dark work that needs to be done to keep the royal family safe and in power. Fitz then soon finds out he possesses a power that no one else can sense.  His stable master frowns on this and Fitz then tells no one else of his secret.  Fitz, being the bastard son of a prince makes enemies due to his status but also finds friends in unexpected places.  While our little hero is growing a danger comes to the once peaceful land. The red-ships that come to raid and destroy their villages at night leave not only the people in fear, but those taken by them return with no humanity and become a burden to the kingdom.  Fitz royal assassin and half blood prince takes it upon himself to save his people and defend his family’s kingdom.  The story of Fitz captivated my mind and I loved this character’s strength and honour.