My husband recently purchased himself an IPad 2. Even though we paid a small fortune for it, I know it is worth the money.  Why you may ask? Because he now has an extra limb. Peter has made use of the Ipad2 like no one I have ever seen.  This is very easy to do, due to the amount of cheap or free apps available.   Below are apps I think people need to get 1st for their Ipad if acquiring such a nice little device.

1.       App shopper

This app lets you filter the app store to find apps that are free, have changed price and even find paid apps that are now free. You can filter on categories, such as games or utilities and create a wish list so that you can see when the app you want is on special! This is a great way to fill up on free apps before you’re prepared to start investing in paid apps.

2.       Twitter mobile

This is the app released by Twitter themselves. It’s actually one of the best Twitter apps, and it’s free!

3.       MobileRSS HD Free

This is a Google RSS feed reader. It downloads all pictures from your feeds when you start it up, so you don’t have to wait for them to load every time you start reading another feed.

4.       Viber

Viber is awesome for voice and text communication to any other iOS device over the internet. This is the app to replace WhatsApp at the price of NOTHING! A must have!

5.       Facetime

Facetime is like Skype. You can video call another person who has Facetime installed.  This is yet another free way of communicating over the internet via your iPad or iPhone.

6.       iBooks

Very cool eBook reader.

7.       ARCreader

This is an eBook reader for all you comic book lovers. It support CBZ and CBR formats too!

8.       Epicurious

For the ladies and gentlemen who love to play in the kitchen, Epicurious is the way to go.  Just enter the name of the dish you want to cook and it provides you with a list of mouth watering recipes.

9.       TuneIn Radio

This is exactly what the name says. You can select from a list of genres and it will display the radio stations that fall into that category. Click and play.

10.   Evernote

This is a handy little tool for saving notes to the cloud. Your notes will automatically sync to all your devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, Blackberry and Android.

There are millions of little games available for the iPad, but that is a blog for another time.