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  • Genre: Simulation
  • Price: R249.95
  • Publisher: EA Games
  • Platform: PC

The Sims 3 has captured my imagination for many years now. It is a magical little world where players create, customise and manage both Sims and the houses they live in. My mind explodes with creative ideas when it comes to dress-up and decorating beautiful homes in this virtual playground. Watching these virtual people explore and live their lives is always fun.

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  • Genre: Simulation
  • Price: R 349.99
  • Publisher: EA Games
  • Platform: PC and Mac

For those who dare to a take a stroll through the dark ages, The Sims Medieval is a true knight’s tale!

The Sims Medieval is built with the Sims engine and characters have the same realism and level of detail as the bestselling simulation series. What makes The Sims Medieval different? It’s not an expansion pack – it’s a stand-alone addition to The Sims 3 series and has a magical, medieval world filled with a multitude of new characters. Players will find themselves enchanted by a detailed kingdom from the Middle Ages that needs to be built and managed.

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Why connect to Xbox LIVE through a PC if you can just do it through an Xbox? Because it makes managing your account just so much easier!

You can:

  • Change your Gamertag and Avatar.
  • Check messages.
  • Find friends.
  • Buy games for your PC and Xbox.

I show you how here.

  • Genre: Platform Adventure
  • Price: $9.99 (USD)
  • Publisher: Available through Steam
  • Platform: PC

Terraria might look like a game from the early 90s, but believe it or not, 16-bit graphics are all the rage right now (think Minecraft) and the gameplay in this side-scrolling world builder will not leave you wanting more.

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Sweet Treats

These scrumptious little treats are fantastic for a chill out Sunday tea.










Puff Pastry Sweet Treats

  • Preparation 5 – 10 minutes
  • Baking 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius


1 x rolls Puff pastry

1 cup Sugar/ Castor Sugar

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 Egg


How to:

Roll the defrosted puff pastry out onto the counter and cut 20 or so strips.

Now we need to weave the strips together. This is very simple.

Place half the strips horizontally and fold every second strip back from the middle as shown below.

Place one strip vertically and fold the rest back, now repeat the process. Your complete weaved sheet of pastry should look something like this.

Use a cookie cutter to cut the pastry into circles or just cut into squares with a knife. This is all up to how you like it. I like the round ones better because they look good!

Beat the egg and spread egg onto pastry.

Mix the sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle a good amount of the sugar onto the pastry. Don’t be shy, these are sweet treats and they need a good amount of sugar to make sweet.

Now for the remainder of pastry (or you can just use another roll of pastry). Pour the rest of the sugar onto the leftover sheet of pastry and roll the pastry from both sides till they meet in the middle.






Then cut it into 1 cm pieces. Lay flat on the baking and sprinkle with some more sugar.

Bake in a pre-heated oven for 10 minutes or till slightly brown. Let it cool down completely before serving.

The sweet treats are super tasty with hot beverages like tea or coffee.




Last time we saw the amazing wizard Harry Dresden he was in a bit of a tight spot, being murdered and all. He never ceases to amaze, even after death Harry will stop at nothing to help his friends and his newly found daughter Maggie.

We have known Harry to be in a few tight spots, but not quite as tight as this one.  Even on the other side he seems to have enemies waiting to settle a score. Strange creatures lurk around every corner. The city has changed since his death and annihilation of the red court. A new fight to fill the empty space of the red court as has taken over the streets of Chicago.  Set with new challenges Harry makes a couple of friends and overcomes the obstacles the dead have to face.  I didn’t find this book as exciting. It was a bit of an anti climax to last book. I still can’t help loving Harry and enjoyed Ghosts story just as much.





After years of wanting to get involved in archery and having to save up for more important things than hobbies, I finally just closed my eyes and bought myself a bow.  Buying a bow is not something you do without doing a little bit of research. Find out where to purchase the one that will suit not only your wallet but also yourself.

Getting started:

What you need to know before purchasing your bow.

1.       Which eye is dominant?

In a lot of cases, a right handed person might not have a dominant right eye. To check which eye is dominant you can do the following. Take note that you will buy your bow according to which eye is dominant, not which hand is dominant. 

·         Extend both hands in front of your face. Place your hands together to make a triangle like in this picture.

·         Keep both eyes open and look through the triangle at any small object.  The object must be in the centre of the triangle. 

·         Close your left eye. If the object stays in view you are right eye dominant. If the object does not stay in view you are left eye dominant. You can repeat the test, by looking through the triangle again with both eyes open and closing the right eye. If the object stays in view you are left eye dominant. If the object does not stay in view you are right eye dominant.

2.       What is your draw length?

Take a measurement of your “wingspan”, this is fingertip to fingertip. (If you know your height this should be exactly the same as your “wingspan”.  Here is how to calculate your draw length.

If you are 1.7 meters the formula would like as follows.

170cm / 2.5 = 68cm

68cm / 2.54 = 26.77inch (this part converts it to inches)

The above is my draw length, but my bow is still set at 25inches because I use a trigger/release.

3.       Price range. Bows range from about R2500 – R12000 for a naked bow. (Bow with no extra’s added on) Then there are some extras to make your bow more accurate and reduce the noise.  This is what I added on to my bow. 

·         Sight

·         Arrow Rest

Arrow rest helps guide the arrow when releasing it. The one I chose is actually called a whisker biscuit. Due to it being a little circle of whiskers that support your arrow.

Other arrow rests look like the picture below where it is a forked piece of metal that lifts up when you draw the string back.

·         Stabilizer

This obviously helps stabilize the bow when aiming.

·         Peep

The peep is used with the site to aim.  The peep can be set higher or lower on the draw string when setting up the bow for the archer.

·         Sling

When drawing the bow, to ensure a natural shot, the archer must not grip the bow but let it rest again his/her hand. This will ensure that when releasing the arrow the “grip’ on it will not influance the shot. The sling is there to stop the bow from falling to the ground when the arrow is released.

·         Release

When setting up the bow a little loop it put onto the bow string for the release to clip on.  This is then basically a trigger that you release to shoot the arrow instead of using your fingers to hold the string when drawing it back.

·         Carry case

·         Couple of arrows 

·         Butt

The butt is just a backing to stick targets on, so your arrows won’t pierce the target or shoot through.


·         Targets


The final product looks like the below picture when all the extras have been added.

My “Mission Craze” cost + – R2500. The extras I bought were all beginner level; (sight, whisker biscuit, stabilizer, peep, sling, release, carry bag and 6 arrows) which came to an additional R1900.  A butt will cost you an extra R600 and targets are about R10 per paper target.

All the information I have added above is for the bow I bought. This is a compound bow not a recurve bow or crossbow.

I was looking for an easy treat to make without having to use my oven. I remembered my friend Riana used to make a triangular sherry cake that only needed some fridge time. So yesterday I asked her and she could not remember the recipe but sent me something similar, a Triangular cheese cake.

This little cake is easy to do and looks very impressive when done. The golden recipe is as follows.


130g Butter

120ml castor sugar

1 egg yellow

250ml cream cheese

10ml vanilla essence

24 tennis biscuits

12 cherries

125 dark chocolate

How to:

Mix the butter, sugar and vanilla.

Add the egg yellow and mix well.

Add the cream cheese and mix well… again.

Place 12 biscuits on foil in rows of 3 (thus you will have a 3 x 4 layer of biscuits).

Pour half the cream cheese mixture onto the biscuits and spread evenly.

Place another layer of biscuits.

Pour the rest of the mixture onto the biscuits and spread evenly.

Place the cherries evenly in the middle row. (This is where I deviated a little. I don’t like cherries, so I used little pieces of chocolate instead. You are welcome to go wild and do what pleases your taste buds.)

Here is the tricky part: Fold the two outside rows in to make a triangle; use the foil to help you here and fold it in tight to help it keep the shape.

Now place it in the freezer and leave for 24 hours to set.

When removing from the freezer to serve, you can melt chocolate and pour over the entire cake, or slice the cake and pour over each individual piece (nom nom). Also to spice it up a little, you can sprinkle some nuts on, or whatever you fancy. It all depends on how you would like to serve your little piece of heaven.

 I have not tried adding sherry yet, but I am sure if you add one or two teaspoons to the mixture it should work. (Will report back when I know the result.)

 Thanx again to Riana for sharing!

iPad 2

My husband recently purchased himself an IPad 2. Even though we paid a small fortune for it, I know it is worth the money.  Why you may ask? Because he now has an extra limb. Peter has made use of the Ipad2 like no one I have ever seen.  This is very easy to do, due to the amount of cheap or free apps available.   Below are apps I think people need to get 1st for their Ipad if acquiring such a nice little device.

1.       App shopper

This app lets you filter the app store to find apps that are free, have changed price and even find paid apps that are now free. You can filter on categories, such as games or utilities and create a wish list so that you can see when the app you want is on special! This is a great way to fill up on free apps before you’re prepared to start investing in paid apps.

2.       Twitter mobile

This is the app released by Twitter themselves. It’s actually one of the best Twitter apps, and it’s free!

3.       MobileRSS HD Free

This is a Google RSS feed reader. It downloads all pictures from your feeds when you start it up, so you don’t have to wait for them to load every time you start reading another feed.

4.       Viber

Viber is awesome for voice and text communication to any other iOS device over the internet. This is the app to replace WhatsApp at the price of NOTHING! A must have!

5.       Facetime

Facetime is like Skype. You can video call another person who has Facetime installed.  This is yet another free way of communicating over the internet via your iPad or iPhone.

6.       iBooks

Very cool eBook reader.

7.       ARCreader

This is an eBook reader for all you comic book lovers. It support CBZ and CBR formats too!

8.       Epicurious

For the ladies and gentlemen who love to play in the kitchen, Epicurious is the way to go.  Just enter the name of the dish you want to cook and it provides you with a list of mouth watering recipes.

9.       TuneIn Radio

This is exactly what the name says. You can select from a list of genres and it will display the radio stations that fall into that category. Click and play.

10.   Evernote

This is a handy little tool for saving notes to the cloud. Your notes will automatically sync to all your devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, Blackberry and Android.

There are millions of little games available for the iPad, but that is a blog for another time.




A small nameless little boy is dragged to a fort door and handed over to the royal guard by his peasant grandfather, who no longer wishes to care for the bastard son of the King- in-waiting.  The life of little Fitz, so named by the stable master, drastically changes as the stable master( once hand to the king-in-waiting) is handed the duty of raising little Fits as best he can.  Fitz a quiet shy boy, then unknowingly grabs the attention of King Shrewd, his grandfather, who makes a deal with him to serve the royal family in return for an education.  He is moved from his humble lifestyle as the stable master’s servant and moved to the royal keep where he is trained in all skills, including all the unspoken dark work that needs to be done to keep the royal family safe and in power. Fitz then soon finds out he possesses a power that no one else can sense.  His stable master frowns on this and Fitz then tells no one else of his secret.  Fitz, being the bastard son of a prince makes enemies due to his status but also finds friends in unexpected places.  While our little hero is growing a danger comes to the once peaceful land. The red-ships that come to raid and destroy their villages at night leave not only the people in fear, but those taken by them return with no humanity and become a burden to the kingdom.  Fitz royal assassin and half blood prince takes it upon himself to save his people and defend his family’s kingdom.  The story of Fitz captivated my mind and I loved this character’s strength and honour.